Turning Point Academy

The Left has permeated American institutions at every turn, poisoning American youth against our great nation. In our taxpayer-funded public schools, young people are taught that America is fundamentally evil, that government is always the answer, and that the free-enterprise system is immoral.

Today’s classroom curricula promote a false narrative about America instead of celebrating its remarkable achievements and its foundational values: free people, free enterprise, and free speech.

This anti-American ideology threatens to destroy our country’s institutions and freedom.

To combat this malicious trend and educate generations of young people who love America, Turning Point USA is excited to announce our newest initiative:  Turning Point Academy, coming Fall 2021!

Turning Point Academy will develop and distribute K-12 curricula focused on American history, our founding principles, the Constitution, and economics. These curricula will help all educators, including homeschool parents, provide their children and students with a reliable, honest, and quality America-first education—all at NO COST.

Turning Point Academy will also train thousands of educators nationwide on how to use Turning Point Academy curricular in their classroom and how they can adopt new lessons to help transform the way our young people perceive freedom, government, and free enterprise. 

Turning Point Academy is America’s best hope to inspire countless young people to love America again. 

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