Wiland – Twitter Ban

Elon Musk’s rise to become the largest shareholder at Twitter gives us a unique chance to rewrite the narrative on cancel culture. That’s why I’m asking YOU to join me and thousands of other Americans in calling on Elon Musk to REINSTATE the Twitter accounts of TUCKER CARLSON, CHARLIE KIRK, THE BABYLON BEE and countless other freedom-loving patriots who have been silenced by Big Tech!

If Twitter is allowed to censor some of the most prominent conservative voices with impunity, it’s only a matter of time before they silence millions more. This petition will serve as the backbone for efforts by conservatives across our country to fight back against this unconstitutional censorship. 

Stand with me, the Babylon Bee, Tucker Carlson and thousands of others in calling on Elon Musk to do the right thing and bring back freedom of speech to the public square. Add your name to the growing list of free speech advocates who refuse to back down to cancel culture!