TTH Pledge Landing Page

As Turning Point USA celebrates its 10 year anniversary, we are dedicated to boldly empowering the Rise of the Citizen to take back ownership of their country, to foster a sense of informed patriotism, to play offense with a sense of urgency with an enduring belief in American exceptionalism, and a positive spirit of action. The Rise of the Citizen is inspiring Americans in ways unlike anything TPUSA has ever done to Restore the American Republic!

NOW is the time to fight back against the Radical Left’s takeover of our media, our K-12 schools, our universities, and our places of worship by inspiring over 500,000 patriotic activists across the country and millions more online! This is a defining moment in American history where we must go all-out to WIN the American Culture War.

Your generous support of $100 or more will put you at the front of the line for a first edition copy of my upcoming book, How We Win, where I outline the steps we need to take to fight back against Leftist Indoctrination infecting our nation’s institutions. Your support matters more than ever, all gifts received now through TPUSA’s 10th Anniversary will be DOUBLED up to $2 Million.