America’s public schools have become dens of indoctrination that teach our young people to think America is evil, capitalism is oppressive, and that Critical Race Theory is the solution.

While the Left has nearly completed its “march” through our educational institutions, there is still hope, and there is still time. Turning Point USA is on the frontlines in the battle to reclaim our schools—and our nation’s future—by holding school district leadership accountable for their actions!

The School Board Watchlist (SBWL) is America’s only national grassroots initiative dedicated to protecting our children by exposing radical and false ideologies endorsed by school boards and pushed in the classroom. SBWL finds and exposes school board leadership that supports anti-American, radical, hateful, immoral, and racist teachings in their districts, such as Critical Race Theory, the 1619 Project, sexual/gender ideology, and more. SBWL also provides information on how parents and students can get involved in their local school board and put an end to the radicalization of the classroom.

TPUSA is on the frontlines fighting back against the Radical Left’s indoctrination as we fight and win the American Culture War! There has never been a better time—or a more critical moment—to support TPUSA and its far-reaching work on campus, online, and in communities across America. ALL gifts received between now and June 5—the date of TPUSA’s 10th Anniversary—will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $2 million!

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