Boycott Disney Dev

It’s clear that there is nothing off-limits to these Radical Indoctrinators—including the innocence of our children. As they’ve already admitted ON CAMERA, the Radical Left has begun to strategically and discreetly push their beliefs in kids’ entertainment as part of a “not-at-all-secret gay agenda.” They have even infiltrated and taken over so-called “family-friendly” companies, such as Disney, with their radical gender ideology. 

That’s why real Americans across the country are STANDING UP to protect their kids—and Turning Point USA is at the front of the fight!

Although Radical Leftists have taken control of the Fake News Media, Big Tech, and Hollywood, they are NO MATCH for the massive network of Turning Point USA.

With your support, we can WIN the American Culture War and SAVE our kids from the toxic agenda of the Left!