Send Student Leaders to YWLS!

Change a life today: Help a Student Activist Attend the Young Women’s Leadership Summit!

On June 2 – 4, 2,000+ students will descend to Dallas, TX for the 2022 Young Women’s Leadership Summit (YWLS). There, these students will listen and learn from 20+ of your favorite conservative leaders and train on how to become an effective online and on-campus activist!

Our annual Young Women’s Leadership Summit is a LIFE-CHANGING event for the students who attend. These young conservatives learn not only why they are conservatives learn not only why they are conservative, but how to fight for American and the principles that make America the greatest country in history!

This is why Turning Point USA would like to invite you to SPONSOR A STUDENT TO THE 2022 YOUNG WOMEN’S LEADERSHIP SUMMIT!

By sponsoring a YWLS student activist today, you’ll ensure that hotel, flight, and/or registration are 100% covered for any student who has a financial need and wants to attend this LIFE-CHANGING event!