As Turning Point USA celebrates its 10 year anniversary, we are proud to say that we have established our presence as a resounding voice that has always advocated for freedom. We have supported numerous students, families and businesses in their fight to maintain their God-given rights, but that is only the beginning. Turning Point USA is proud to announce our newest nationwide campaign, Rise of the Citizen.

The Rise of the Citizen is inspiring Americans in ways unlike anything TPUSA has ever done—showcasing brave student resistance against leftist indoctrination & viral parent testimony in school board meetings. 

Freedom is ringing coast-to-coast as American students and parents are standing up for what is right, and pursuing truth and virtue. And TPUSA is making it clear that conservatives are taking back America from the left and that “The RISE UP Generation is here!”

Fight for freedom. Resist Leftist indoctrination. Save America. RISE UP!

Finally, freedom is ringing from coast-to-coast and sending shockwaves across all 50 states like never before. No more mandates. No more indoctrination. No more tyranny. American students are rising up and overthrowing the mainstream Leftist narrative on high school and college campuses, and establishing a new American patriotism. The radical Left tried crushing the American spirit and failed…
The time to rise is now!

America’s Leftist leaders have failed their constituents, and the era of false promises is over. Parents are retaking control of America’s largest systems and institutions—by standing up to school boards across the Nation. It’s time to rise up and save our country from the horrible betrayal committed by the radical Left, and establish a new wave of American patriots. Rise up and save America—our children are depending on us!