Turning Point Faith

Rights are ordained by God. Freedom comes from God, and our Founding Fathers knew that a threat to religious liberty is a threat to the very foundation of America.

Right now, TPUSA is successfully challenging the prevailing Leftist Culture on college campuses across the country. To continue winning the American Culture War, TPUSA will activate, train, and unite millions of patriotic Americans who are prepared to defend their God-given rights, giving them the tools to expose Leftist lies and to articulate the connection between Faith and Freedom.

Thousands of American churches and synagogues–with millions of members–are aligned with TPUSA’s mission to restore traditional American values and resist the radicalism of the Left. At present, however, they lack civic engagement and opportunities to make positive political and cultural change in our nation. Religious leaders need resources to activate their congregation in civic activities–including voter registration efforts and grassroots activism.

We will launch Turning Point Faith in Fall 2021 to activate churches and synagogues nationwide to help TPUSA win the culture war and get us one step closer to saving America.

If you have any questions or aren’t sure where to start, feel free to email Faith@TPUSA.com or contact us here.