Memorialize your commitment to patriotism and advancing freedom by sponsoring a brick in Turning Point USA’s Walk of Freedom. The Walk of Freedom will be located between TPUSA’s two operational facilities in Phoenix, Arizona, serving as a walkway between the Bill and Rebecca Dunn Freedom Center and the Edward C. Zeman Family Logistics Center.

Sponsoring an engraved commemorative brick will tie your personal and philanthropic legacy to TPUSA’s offensive efforts to win America’s Culture War. 

Sample Bricks

4″x8″ brick – $5,000

8″x8″ brick – $10,000

The unveiling of the Walk of Freedom is set to take place in early 2021. If you wish to sponsor a brick on behalf of another, please provide their name and email in order for them to design what they want displayed on their brick. 

After purchasing your brick, you will receive an email confirming your sponsorship as well as a form allowing you to select the message and or name you want to be engraved on your brick.

Bricks space is limited – memorialize your legacy today!

To purchase a brick, please process your credit card donation on this website. If you would like to purchase a brick via check, or if you would like to purchase several bricks, please email to receive a form.