TPUSA Pocket Constitutions

Turning Point USA stands strong in the belief that the Constitution of the United States of America is the greatest political document ever written. The government structure enshrined in the Constitution—particularly its limitations on government power and its enumerated protections of individual rights—changed the course of the entire world when it was drafted and signed in 1787.

Much of today’s classroom curricula promote false, radical Leftist narratives about America instead of celebrating this nation’s remarkable achievements and its foundational values: free people, free enterprise, and free speech. Leftist and activist educators at high schools and colleges nationwide work tirelessly every day to discredit American greatness, our founding principles, and our Constitution. And it’s time we fight back.

This is why Turning Point USA has designed and produced an educational, informative, and exciting version of the U.S. Constitution—to be distributed to HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of high school and college students across the nation. TPUSA’s print version of the U.S. Constitution will serve as a transformative tool to educate America’s youth on the importance of our nation’s founding documents and principles—and the unique guardrails on government and protection of rights that make America the world’s beacon of hope!

But we cannot do this without your support. Will you help support this critically important project with a gift of support today?

You can put this groundbreaking version of the Constitution in the hands of hundreds of thousands—if not millions—of young Americans across the country. Join tens of thousands of patriots TODAY in supporting Turning Point USA and our Constitution project, and your gift will be MATCHED DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR by another generous TPUSA supporter, Rita LeBlanc!